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Welcome to the Őrség Lodgement & Guest House located in the village of Kerkafalva, lying in one of the most beautiful natural environments of Hungary—just where the unique Őrség landscape gives way to the Göcsej area.


The Őrség region is a true hideout, where travelers looking for a peaceful retreat or seeking more active forms of recreation can both expect to find their ideal holiday activities. The comfortable rooms, the spacious yard, the outdoor wooden hot tub that is able to fit seven people, the shady trellises and the garden were all designed to contribute to a wholesome vacation: the half hectare area of the Őrség Lodgement & Guest House is the perfect setting for barbecuing, reading, playing badminton and several other outdoor programs.

Reading the various menus of this site will give you a tour of the Őrség Lodgement & Guest House, and introduce you to the closer and wider environment of Kerkafalva.

All the best,
The Őrség Lodgement & Guest House owners



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