Rákóczi u. 24., 8973 Kerkafalva

Őrség Lodgement & Guest House—Room Information

Dear Guests,

Welcome to our Country House accommodation in the Őrség! Here below you will find important information regarding your stay. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! We wish you a pleasant stay and a relaxing time at our guest house!


Life in the apartments

Check-in happens any time after 2pm on the day of your arrival, and check-out needs to be completed by 10am on the day of your leaving. If these times cannot be arranged, please contact us in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate you if we can.

You will be given a key when checking in—when you leave the apartment during your stay, please lock the door and keep the key with yourself. Please also make sure to close the windows before going out. Smoking or using any devices with a fire risk (such as electronic heaters) is forbidden due to safety reasons. Water is heated in normal household-capacity boilers in each apartment—these tend to run out quickly when guest numbers are high. Please make sure you use the hot water sparingly in such a case.

Our guest house was built in 1888, and we kindly ask you to help us care for it (in return for the historical experience): please air the rooms at least twice a day, each time for twenty minutes, so the old walls can breathe. If opening the windows is not possible due to health issues, please switch on the fans instead. If a storm comes, please close all windows and doors, and disconnect the TV and the satellite antenna network plug. Rainstorms in the Őrség are as fast to go as they are to come, but cushions and blankets left in the garden will end up drenched all the same. Please make sure you “save” them in time!

Please kindly note that compensation for any damage incurred will have to be paid on the spot. We do our best to take care of any forgotten personal belonging that you might have left behind until we can safely get them back to you, but we cannot take any responsibility for these objects.

If you experience any anomaly or malfunctioning in the apartments, please let us know in person or via these phone numbers:

Katica Takács: +36-20/957-0249


Life in the yard

Our spacious yard and garden provide an ideal location for several family activities, including the use of the wooden hot tub, playing badminton or barbecuing. Please be careful when staying near the fireplace, and when you have finished cooking make sure you put out the fire or ask for our help to do so. Heating up the wooden hot tub is our job, please do not use its furnace. No food or drink is allowed in the tub, and its use is forbidden for unsupervised children or intoxicated persons due to safety reasons. We also recommend taking a shower before and after sitting in the tub. We have two small, neutered and friendly dogs who live with us at our building. They make frequent appearances in the yard, they are obedient and they like visitors, but please refrain from giving them any food. If the animals don’t want to socialize, please respect their decision. Unfortunately neither our rooms, nor our fenceless yard is able to safely accommodate your pets, thus we kindly ask you not to bring them with you. Thank you for your understanding!


Payment methods

Our guests can pay by bank transfer in advance, cash (HUF) on the spot, and/or by OTP Széchenyi Card. Of this latter we accept all three sub-accounts (accommodation, hospitality, leisure).


Dining options

We will provide all tools for outdoor cooking and barbecuing (cauldron, bar grill, iron slab) free of charge. The apartment kitchens are well-equipped, but if you are missing a tool or some ingredient, we will be happy to help you out.

As further recommendation, here are two of our favourite restaurants for eating out in the area:

Berek Halászkert: Rákóczi Ferenc u. 16., 9944 Bajánsenye (+36-30/939-4404)

Abbázia Country Club: Határ u. 3-7., 8976 Márokföld (+36-92/573-450)


Grocery stores, pharmacies, on-call medical service

Grocery stores:

Őriszentpéter: FEZO (Reál): Mon–Sat: 6am-7pm, Sun: 7am-noon

Lenti: SPAR, Penny, and Coop stores.



Csesztreg: Segítő Mária Gyógyszertár, Rákóczi u. 1. (+36-92/373-603)

Lenti: BENU, Kossuth u. 4. (+36-92/351-383)

On-call medical service: Lenti: Templom tér 10. (+36-92/351-911)


Gas stations:

Lenti: MOL (17 km)

Körmend: OMV (35 km)