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The potter village of Magyarszombatfa (16 km)

Magyarszombatfa of Vas county used to be the village of potters. The Potter House (Fazekasház) offers an exhibition introducing the settlement’s traditional craft, and visitors will have the chance to purchase unique crockery articles at several locations around the village. Kati’s atmospheric, family-owned pastry shop invites travelers to enjoy a delicious coffee and its superb pastries. See more at: http://orseg.net/latnivalok/latnivalok_az_orsegben/magyarszombatfa



The Church of the Holy Trinity, Velemér (16 or 20 km, depending on the route chosen)

This 13th century church hidden in the depth of the forest is decorated with beautiful 14th century frescoes, among which visitors can experience the harmony between nature and soul, God and man. See more at: http://www.velemer.hu/latnivalok/fenyek-temploma



Rezső Csótár’s potter workshop, Szentgyörgyvölgy (16 km)

Unique pots, dishes and vases decorated with traditional Őrség motifs. The master potter who won several awards is happy to accept visitors in his workshop that adjoins his home. See more at: http://www.zalanepmuveszet.hu/tagsagunk/Fazekas/Csotar%20Rezso.html