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The Őrség and Göcsej regions boast of several hiking trails of various lengths and directions, some of them located very close to our guest house and Kerkafalva, while others lie in more distant areas and villages. 



Lake Vadása, Hegyhátszentjakab (21 km)

The region’s most popular bathing area is surrounded by beautiful woodlands. The dammed creek forms a picturesque little lake, complete with decks, eateries and playgrounds. See more at: http://www.vadasa.hu/



Lake Hársas and the Lake Hársas nature trail (29 km)

Lake Hársas, officially called the Máriaújfalu reservoir, might just be the most beautiful lake of the Őrség region. Also created by damming a creek, it is now a popular fishing lake that allows visitors to swim too in the appointed area. The adjoining educational nature trail introduces the flora and fauna of the lake and its surroundings. See more at: http://www.vasihorgasz.hu/vizek/6.htm


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The Forest of Csöde and the nearby section of the Pál Rockenbauer Southern Transdanubia Blue Trail (200 m)

The Forest of Csöde is bordered by Road 86 and the villages of Felsőjánosfa, Kerkafalva and Kerkakutas. It is excellent mushroom hunting territory with a colorful deciduous forest wildlife.

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“Our Favorite Meadow” near Kercaszomor (Haricsa Meadow, 13 km)

What lies between intersecting hiking trails embraced by pine forests, is probably one of the nicest meadows of the Őrség. The medieval ruins of the Church of St. Wenceslas can be found in the vicinity. See more at: http://www.viasanctimartini.eu/telepulesek/kercaszomor